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really I dont even know where to begin...too make it short & sweet...Im sweet, sexy, careing, funny, fun to be around, silly, humble and down to earth. badside: but this can be everyone, grouchy at times, very rare for me, bitchy but only if u make me,and i drink a lot but not excessively....I like to travel, meet ppl, dance and hang out with my ppls...I also enjoy video games eating and my fave food is chinese and color is red..I love the sound of rain & thunder...i like to watch the sunrise....anything u wanna know jus ask me....
Music: everything these days...keri hilson, pitbull, ...a lot of reggaeton and soft rock...mainly hardcore rap...shyt with beatz n meaning
TV: family guy and reality
Books: dont read much
Sports: mos def football and basketball...cheerleading if u considerate a sport...i think of it nemore as a hobby...but that was high school..when i couldnt fynd myself.
Interests: drinking and traveling...cant really go wrong witth that...of course my babies, jesus marques and jaden xavier.....jus ask
Movies: I mean I like a few goodz is fighting and all fridays..blood in blood out,scareface and any mafia u put infront of me
BestFeatures: everything and i dont mean that in a cocky goodlooking, my body is pretty hot and my attitude and personality is great...get to know me n u judge...
Dreams: i dont have dreams I have goals...dreamz dont come true...atleast i hope not mine.....

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