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    Associates Degree
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    Installation And Repair
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    No, never


Wild, fun, entertaining, and anti-couples drama. I love being in a relationship. It's nice knowing you have someone who u are growing a bond with. I've never been married, but had 4 long term commitments. The right one was never found, but I'm still looking. No kids, and really if the future stays that way, I won't be upset about it. I love kids, but I've got a solid track record so far, so the freedom to travel abroad with my future partner, is a happy outcome from this. I just want someone who's interested in being treated respectfully, and can run around with a smile, but can just as easily spend the day together at home with Netflix, or even a day of breakfast in bed, and cuddling while just resting. You will have an overload of Oxytocin, the bonding hormone when u r with me. And I promise, I'm not afraid to admit if I'm wrong, or apologize when I do something that was wrong. Sound too good to be true... try me... Money Back Guarantee, that u will be happier with me, than u would be without. The choice is yours...

What I am looking for

Cute, talkative, decisive, aggressive, (not angry... but willing to take charge when there's something u want!), the ability to speak your mind freely, and let's discuss things... not argue or fight about things. TRUSTWORTHY. Independent, but the right amount of clingy can be attractive. If u have kids, it isn't a guaranteed deal breaker, but I don't wanna be a replacement dad to a full time live in kid. Sorry, but I want time with YOU... not just time AROUND you! If I can't trust you to be honest with me, or not remember who you are dating, etc. When you are out by yourself, then THAT IS a deal breaker. Nothing is final until a path to marriage, so never feel trapped. If u have feelings for someone else, TELL ME... before u make a decision that affects both of us. Relationships work only with a 2 way door. That door is only closed when u both have agreed that u don't desire a change... u want to stay together and begin a life 100% together. So in short what I'm looking for is someone who is ready for a fresh start with publicly declared good guy! Lol