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I am a woman who has life experience and knows what needs to be done in a relationship to make us happy . I'm used to giving more than receiving, so I give all of myself in a relationship. I want to be close to a serious man who makes a commitment to take care of me and never hurt me. I strive for loyalty and honesty in relationships, so I always demonstrate these qualities myself. When I feel love, I try to make every effort to make that love stronger every day. Through this dating site, I am looking for a man who openly shows his feelings and is ready to create a relationship in real life. I am not characterized by arrogance or pathos, and I know how to find a common language with people of different backgrounds, regardless of their interests or desires.

What I am looking for

My ideal man should have a good heart, a good sense of humor, and a desire to take care of his beloved. I see a man next to me who is confident and open to a relationship with an attractive woman. My desire is to create an easy and conflict-free relationship where we will be on the same wavelength and enjoy everything that life gives us. I am looking for a man who will not play with my feelings, but will be ready to build a strong relationship with me. Chemistry and physical attractiveness in a relationship are important to me. I believe that this dating site will help me meet the man of my dreams.